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Trump or Biden for president?

TRUMP or BIDEN for President......

GOD 's hand was upon Atiku Abubakar for Nigerian Presidency _ however the nation chose the President Buhari to lead their beloved Country, they preferred their own Saul.

Prophets spoke yet their words were Despised by voters........Nigeria - Nigeria - Nigeria

USA is about to do the same mistake by voting for BIDEN since many believed will ressurect American economy and restore peace between blacks and whites.

BIDEN won't stand what is coming for USA especially about Russia - China and Iran .

TRUMP is Chosen for USA, Israel and for the CHURCH "The Kingdom"

1) Trump is going to reverse One World Order.

2) He is a Mediator between Palestine and Israel.

3) Has the Grace to restore the USA economy.

4) He is going to Expose China 's monitoring systems.

5) Stand against global vaccination.


His Biblical name is CYRUS.

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