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Zimbabweans are being persecuted and driven out of Botswana by the local Batswana population.

The countries that make up Southern Africa are confronted with a substantial obstacle in the form of the problem of outsiders, and more especially illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants make up the largest portion of Zimbabweans who travel to countries that are bordered by their country. 

It is estimated that more than sixty percent of Zimbabwe's population has left the country and now lives in neighboring countries. The number of Zimbabweans who currently call the territory containing the republic of South Africa home ranges in the millions and millions. 

There are allegations that the government of Botswana has resumed the practice of expelling citizens who are from the neighboring country of Zimbabwe. 

Botswana has already started theirs, but we have not even begun ours yet. While they have already begun in Botswana, we have not. The expulsion of large numbers of Zimbabweans started in Botswana the year before last and is practically complete there this year. 

It's true that some countries don't put up with nonsense from other countries. Concerning South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa still needs to appoint a committee or establish a commission in order to investigate this matter, compile a report, and then present it to parliament for approval prior to bringing it before the constitutional court. If he fails to do any of these things, the matter will not be brought before the constitutional court.


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