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Angry limpopo residents beat and chase away ANC members with weapons


Social media erupted this Thursday morning, following the revolt of Limpopo residents against ANC members as they were trying to "promise the heaven and earth for votes".

In the video, the Xitsonga speaking residents are heard telling the ANC member to leave and never come back because it is the same story every time the elections are around the corner:

"leave here and never come back. We do not want you here, we are tired. Voetsek!, we deserve better governance and we are not that gullible. come back when you start delivering on your promises" said the Residents speaking in Xitsonga.


The situation took a turn for the worst when the ANC members were refusing to go when the residents were asking nicely, that is when the residents started picking up weapons such as sticks and bricks and started chasing them until they got into the vans that they were using as a source of transportation. 

Twitter users applauded the residents for finally standing up speaking up for themselves, instead of staying back and listening to people who give them free shirts and offer fake promises in exchange for their votes.


There is an aura and atmosphere that has convinced the entire country that if ANC comes out on top in these elections then it will never fall as the ruling party of South Africa

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