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Here's How Union Buildings Looks Like On The Inside

As everyone probably knows by now, the Capital City of South Africa is in Pretoria and its in the same Pretoria where one would find the Union Buildings.

The Union Buildings like the name says its an ancient building at the highest top of the Pretoria City. Its the official place where the President of the country conducts his presidency work. It does have everything including bedrooms but the President still doesn't sleep there, he has his own mansion.

In the Union Buildings, everyone including tourists from other countries, are allowed to visit the iconic place but no one is allowed on the inside for security purposes since the President mostly spends his time there.

Now without any further ado, let's checkout how the Union Buildings looks like on the inside, see images below:

As y'all can see, it looks really awesome on the inside but unfortunately no one without a valid reason is allowed to go inside.

What do y'all think?? Have you ever went to the Union Buildings?? Let's talk in the comments section

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