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ANC Secretary Accused Of Stealing Millions Again

South Africans have given serious consideration to the question of why corruption is so rampant in their country. This is because every single African National Congress member is demonstrating to the public that corruption is what they were elected to accomplish. People in South Africa have been waiting a long time for their leaders to address the problem of poor service delivery, but so far those in power have proved that they don't value the opinions of the voters who put them in office.

The regional Secretary for the African National Congress has been accused of stealing millions of dollars once again. According to the regional Secretary of the Mquma Municipal Council, Thembalethu Ntutu Teris has been unexpectedly linked to the disappearance of R24 million intended for the electrification tender. In the Mquma local municipal government, he has been involved in the awarding of R10 million to a company that he co-owns.

Thembalethu and 19 others are scheduled to appear in court in the coming days, and they will likely be suspended from their positions immediately. The country is suffering under the ANC's rule as its officials fail to prioritize providing for the needs of ordinary South Africans.

Unless it proposes leaders and government that can meet the country's requirements, the ANC will be out of power after the 2024 national election. When the ANC is in charge of a municipality, that municipality's government will always be corrupt and willing to put party interests ahead of national ones.

In what ways do you think this situation is as you describe it?

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