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People should leave Makhadzi alone because even legends used to share the stage with the ANC:Opinion

Politics of this country are now becoming our daily bread. Everywhere you go, it is politics. People are even now judged just because they are being invited to a certain political party event to perform. We should really not allow ourselves to be in that space because you will end up hating people for nothing.

We have seen that people in Twitter are not happy at all that Makhadzi honored the president invite as they say that she is ruining her career. Makhadzi is a performer and people love her and her songs, so it is obvious that she would be called to perform for the crowds.

When Makhadzi was sharing the stage with the likes of Julius Malema, people did not say anything. If indeed people were concerned that Makhadzi should move away from politics, they should have atleast raised this when she mingled with the likes of Julius Malema. But we know that this is not about that. The only problem is that Makhadzi will be sharing the stage with the ANC.

This is really nothing new. Many artists have been doing this from way back and just because now people have a problem with the ANC, they want other people to help them fight the ANC factional battles.

The late Brenda Fassie used to perform at the ANC rallies and no one bothered complaining about that. Makhadzi is old enough to make her own decisions and people should stop making themselves unqualified advices. Makhadzi as an artist has the right of association with any political party. Today she might be with the ANC, tomorrow with the EFF and even mingle with the DA. She is just doing her job and people should respect her hustle instead of saying that they are no longer her fan. But it does not matter because you lose one fan and gain 100 more.

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