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Blame Mandela and Tutu', Andile Mngxitama SPITS FIRE at black student whose books were urinated on

A recent racist incident at Stellenbosch University has infuriated a large number of black individuals. According to the South African Students Congress (Sasco), a white student entered the room of a black student at the Huis Marais residence early on Sunday and urinated on his books and laptop. The victim of this "hooligan" was sleeping in his room when he heard a disturbance. The bigoted white boy urinated over his study desk, books, and laptop when he awoke. When he inquired, the white man explained that they do this to black youngsters.

The victim, Babalwa Ndwayana, stunned the nation with his announcement that he would forgive the offender. A fellow first-year student and Huis Marais resident urinated on Ndwayana's belongings, including a university-loaned laptop, a week before his exams. Ndwayana insisted he was not vengeful despite the nightmare and the loss of his meticulous notes and laptop. "My father told me I must file criminal charges, but I told him it's enough. He is also a child," Ndwayana was quoted as saying in a News24 piece.


Andile Mngxitama, the leader of the BLF, is offended by Ndwayana's statements because he believes the behavior should be attributed to former president Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. "Blame the reconciliation without justice mantra of Mandela and Tutu, combined with the deeply rooted colonial Christian ethic of turning the other cheek. It is the pinnacle of self-hatred. Stellenbosch University, we blacks require assistance. Biko buya!" exclaimed Mngxitama on Twitter.

I agree with Mngxitama on this! Mandela and Tutu's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was a monumental waste of time. The TRC has partially held past rights abusers accountable, but it has failed to provide victims with proper compensation. To assist the political and social transformation necessary to restore a nation, it opted to humanize past misdeeds. And because blacks are very lenient, abusers believe they may ride over their heads because they will be pardoned.

Faced with a failed reconciliation effort, our very own Ubuntu is proving to be our undoing. Penny Sparrow, Vicki Momberg, Adam guy, Theuns du Toit, and a number of unidentified others. How many of these must occur for us to consider this a failure one-sided reconciliation endeavor with unwilling participants?

Ndwayana must regain his composure and initiate an investigation. His rights were violated in the most degrading manner possible. What are your opinions?


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