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ANC councillors face disciplinary action by party if they fail to withdraw from Kannaland coalition

If ANC councillors do not withdraw from the Kannaland coalition, they would face disciplinary action from the party.

Cape Town (South Africa) - The ANC in the Western Cape has warned to take disciplinary action against its councillors if its order to withdraw from the Kannaland Municipality coalition is not followed.

There should be no explanation for the party's councillors not knowing about the decision to leave the coalition with the Independent Congress of South Africa, according to the party (Icosa).

After the controversy over the election of Icosa's Jeffrey Donson as mayor and fraud convict Werner Meshoa as his deputy, it withdrew from the alliance that saw its councillor Nicolaas Valentyn become the council's Speaker.

Donson's five-year sentence for statutory rape and indecent assault was reduced to a fully suspended sentence, correctional supervision, an R20,000 fine, and participation in a sex offender rehabilitation program.

Three Icosa councillors, two ANC councillors, and one each from the DA and Kannaland Independent Party serve on the municipality's council.

Lerumo Kalako, the ANC's temporary province leadership convenor, told the media that the party had taken control of a number of municipalities from the DA and formed partnerships with other parties, particularly in Kannaland.

According to Kalako, the process was not without its difficulties. Due to major issues impacting the mayor and deputy mayor of Kannaland, a decision was made to reassess the coalition agreement. As a result, the ANC has formally withdrawn from Kannaland's alliance, and the ANC speaker has assumed the role of opposition.

He said the decision has been relayed to the regional and sub-regional bodies by the province leadership.

That was still being worked on. Indeed, we learned yesterday that a council meeting has been arranged, while on our side, message is being sent down to the comrades that the Speaker must resign and that we must be in opposition.

The ANC will take a stance that does not participate in decisions that are not harmful to people. We will back decisions that affect service delivery.

According to Kalako, they had learned that a council meeting would be conducted on Thursday and that their regional leadership had been encouraged to take action.

We directed the region to go in and address the sub-local region's structures, informing them of the decision.

The comrades have no excuse for not knowing. He stated, "They are aware that we are withdrawing.

"We'll keep an eye on things and make sure we don't retreat." Those who refuse to follow orders will suffer the consequences," Kalako stated.

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ANC councillors face disciplinary action by party if they fail to withdraw from Kannaland coalition

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