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"I Don't Regret and I am Not Guilty of Any Wrongdoing," Thabang Makwetla Drops Terrifying Bombshell.

Previous appointee Minister of Justice and Correctional Services Thabang Makwetla says it has "tormented" him that he was showing up before a request that is testing state catch, debasement, and extortion due to previous Bosasa worker Richard le Roux. 

Makwetla showed up before the commission on Monday to be reconsidered by his legitimate agent. Makwetla was involved by Le Roux who recently said he was entrusted with introducing security updates at different clergymen's and government authorities' homes. 

Le Roux talked about "exceptional ventures" he embraced on the guidance of different Bosasa chiefs, including CEO Gavin Watson, boss activities official Angelo Agrizzi, Trevor Mathenjwa, Syvion Dlamini, and Papa Leshabane. The exceptional undertakings involved the establishment of safety frameworks, including electric fencing, CCTV and caution frameworks, at different homes of lawmakers and government authorities around the country. 

Makwetla told the commission that Le Roux doesn't have a clue where he worked. 

"This thing has consistently like truly tormented me, that I am here before the commission in light of Mr Le Roux and this commission is a commission that arrangements with state catch, is a commission that arrangements with defilement, is a commission that arrangements with extortion in government. 

"The individual who says I am blameworthy of those things, doesn't have a clue where I worked, even as he was showing up before the commission." 

This is the most entertaining of cases I have at any point gone over, of such genuine claims against an individual [when] you don't have a clue where he worked.

Makwetla further told the commission that nobody had gone to the commission making claims of his association in state catch, debasement, and misrepresentation. 

He said the solitary explanation he was showing up before the commission was on the grounds that a, "... specialist who was top of a group that introduced security highlights I requested came here to say I am among individuals [against] who the charges made is that they are associated with state catch". 

"I wish to guarantee everybody that I am not liable of any bad behavior in the whole time frame during [which] I have been a delegate serve at restorative administrations. The State Capture Inquiry won't give a temporary report.

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Angelo Agrizzi Makwetla Papa Leshabane. Thabang Makwetla Trevor Mathenjwa


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