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Opinion - LindiweSisulu wanted to draw attention from leaderless Zupta faction

When Lindiwe Sisulu decided to drag her name through mud by writing controversial articles, she wanted to draw attention from leaderless Zupta faction so that they would nominate her for presidential position.

To my surprise, this lawless faction wants her to deputise Duduzane. It must be painful for this poor woman to have to settle for less than she had hoped for.

She should have known from the beginning that an ethnic group that dominates that faction did not leave Inkatha to join the ANC to be led by other ethnic groups.

She must be feeling stupid wherever she is.

In addition Corrupt people are not Comrades. They show no regard for the poor. Factionalists are also not Comrades for they divide the people using pettiness and narrow interests. Neither believes in human solidarity, a key characteristic of being a Comrade. They are in fact as counter-revolutionary as the incompetent, the anarchists and the murderous.

Some of you turn blind eyes to your own so called leaders who are corrupt yet they hide behind Innocent until proven guilty.

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