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'I'm in danger and I don't know where it will come from' - WhistleBlower Athol Williams reveals

Corruption is everywhere and anyone can easily get involved in it. Things do not always end well when there is someone who is trying to fight corruption. People in high power commit corruption hoping that they would not be exposed, but things changes when Athol Williams decided to expose such behaviour

A man who exposed corruption under Jacob Zuma finally revealed that his life is in danger. This came as a result of the state capture enquiry reports finally coming out. Many people were implicated and the danger in Athol Williams' life could possibly come from anywhere.

Athol Williams exposed a lot of companies and people to the point where he had to flee the country in fear. It must have been very hard for him to expose so many powerful people but he did a good job.

Athol Williams was given protection by the government but he still fears for his life as the report are a reminder to everyone who was found guilty that he is a whistle blower. Many whistle blowers do not live longer.

What's your take on this matter?? Is this man in danger?? Where do you think the danger will come from??


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