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Bonang Matheba Zimbabwean Boyfriend Took Her Documents Without Her Consent To Make A Visa

Foreigners are showing South Africans flames because when this issue is being raised by ordinary people, it is said that they are xenophobic and don't want African people in the country. Foreigners are trying so hard to stay in South Africa. It's like they want to be adopted by South Africa and that is just not possible. They have to go back to their country and face their dictatorial government.

It has been a fight the ordinary citizens because they are the one who is forced to live with these foreigners and those who live in high fenced mentions, they also say that foreigners are not a problem. But South Africans have said that they too will once become the victims of these foreigners and their evil acts.

Now it has emerged that Bonang Matheba has become the latest victim to be scammed by Zimbabweans. South African women never listen when it comes to foreigners. All these men will make it look like they love you but they are only looking for one thing which is to have citizenship in South Africa and that is all. They will do all that it takes.

Now the relationship between Bonang Matheba and his Zimbabwean businessperson who was also a former associate has ended on a bitter note because now Bonang has opened a case of theft against him. This happened way back in March. Bonang has accused him of stealing bet documents and attempting to obtain a visa for her without her consent.

People will soon see the importance of PutSouthAfricaFirst and Operation Dudula. Now they are being called vigilante groups but very soon, They will be singing their praise and even supporting them. It is just a matter of time. They say that love is blind but when it comes to foreigners, that is not the case at all. Love can see everything even the future.

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