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Calz Reduces Prophet Passion Java To Size

Passion Java who is the lapdog for Emerson Mnangagwa. He has been used by the Zanu PF ever since to mobilize the youth for them to be able to win them over for 2023 coming elections.

So because of the crowds that are gathering behind him, doing these political campaigns, he now feels big and so full of himself. He think he has got what it takes to look down on everybody, we also know that he think that he is so much protected since he is a friend of Emerson Mnangagwa.

He thinks that, these political connections can protect him from getting attacked by his enemies. He has found his match, this guy told him where to get off. He has even told him that hes not afraid of him and his political connections. He said, he did not get into politics through back door like Passion Java did, and he does not buy followers or fans. He is not afraid to take him on, so this guy got Passion Java to size, the fake prophet has finally met met his match.

A Correspondent-Zim dancehall chanter Seh Calaz threatened to expose Zanu PF sympathiser and controversial preacher skit prophet Passion Java.

Calaz hinted to expose Java after the controversial preacher had said Mubhanditi’s career had hit rock bottom.

Earlier this week Java took to Instagram dissing Seh Calaz after releasing his third album this year, saying that was a sign of ‘Kupera.’

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In response Seh Calaz posted a video saying Java should mind his own business before he exposes him.

The Mabhanditi leader said Java was bitter because he could not sign the chanter under his Passion Java records.

“I can make you relax. I don't lick people behind because they have money. The people that support me are not bribed, its genuine love. I don't buy views, if I get one view on my song I celebrate,” said Calaz.

Calaz added that he didn’t care that Java was under the protection of a political party adding nothing could stop him from attacking.

“Tell him, I he entered politics through back door. All those political gatherings that he trust, its a fake support” said Calaz.

-Nehanda Radio

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