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OPINION| Douglas Mwonzora and other party leaders are trying their best

Yesterday saw one-man band Kudzanai Mashumba abort a press conference he had summoned the media to, after coaxing them with the lie that MDC T leaders were going to be present and that the party was on the verge of a split. Journalists took the bait and followed the bread crumb trail that led to the juicy breaking news at the media center. He got their curious attention by planting a ruse, in fact several of themSo MDC-T youths took it upon themselves to uncover who this mysterious person that was about to embarrass and humiliate their leaders with lies was. Turned out to be none other than Kudzanai Mashumba which incensed the youths, naturally! Yes he was handled here and there but was in no way beaten up as you can see and hear in the video several youths shouting "musamurove"

Now, in future Yvonne Musarurwa might do well in keeping a distance from such commotion, being an honorable member of parliament. We expect our MPs to lead only with love and restrain themselves even when provoked. Douglas Mwonzora and other party leaders are trying their best to sell rational disputation to the nation which will change our political culture and therefore landscape for generations and behavior like that scuppers their efforts. I strongly believe in rational disputation and know it is our best hope as it can make us a Switzerland or Sweden of sorts and do not want to see it wilt and die

Someone said 'his guy is MDC T to the hilt he is the same guy who escorted Thokozani from an equally violent mob, during the rigged elective congress that saw your friend leading a coup just like his friend. Let us not sugar coat violence simply because your friends are perpetrating it, this poor man was silenced because he wanted to say a few truths about your friend

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