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'We have suffered enough for this'. Check here


Rabie Ridge occupants won't leave the empty land they've involved.

Human settlements MEC Lebogang Maile's censured the endeavored intrusion of exclusive land in Rabie Ridge, Joburg. 


Land intruders have been conflicting with cops since Thursday and have pledged they will not stop until they get the land. They said they couldn't care less about RDPs any longer. They simply need land to assemble homes for themselves. 

Maile has invited the quick reaction by law requirement offices. He said the counter land intrusions procedure uncovered a couple of months prior is beginning to prove to be fruitful. 

The MEC has approached the local area to quit attacking area. He disclosed to Daily Sun Gauteng government needed to set up measures to manage unlawful land intrusions. 

"We're confronted with a genuine test of lodging accumulation in the region because of individuals moving to the guaranteed land since it gives off an impression of being a position of expectation for jobseekers." 

Maile said government has received the Rapid Land Response program expected to give out land packages for individuals to assemble houses for themselves. 

"We trust this will gouge the quantity of individuals searching for houses," he said. 

Inhabitants disclosed to Daily Sun they didn't really accept that the land was exclusive. 

Sylvia Malamulele (38) said she's been enduring while at the same time leasing and bringing up three children all alone. 

Gladys Zitha (69) said: "I'm worn out on moving starting with one spot then onto the next. I need to assemble a lasting home."

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