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LockdownSA: SA can learn a few lessons from China

Today is day 4 of the Lockdown in South Africa and it still seems that the nation is struggling to quite adjust to the new arrangement. There have been reports from Friday, of arrests and citizens flooding supermarkets in our Townships. 

On day 4 of the lockdown, we are aware that social grants beneficiaries will be receiving their moneys this week and that means that they will only shop for essentials during the cause of the week too. 

Could it be that the South African government had not thought the lockdown through? Or could it be that the lockdown strategy works better in the suburbs than it does in townships and villages?

Well perhaps our government could take a few pointers from the Chinese government which has been through a complete shutdown as well a few weeks ago. According to reports, the Asian nation is awakening again after two months of battling with the pandemic. 

Apart from Wuhan, which was completely locked down- other cities in the country had what seemed like a working strategy for their residents. In Tanagshan, a city in Hebei province residents were allowed to go to out, however, it had to be twice a week.

The arrangement required that residents sign out when going to shops and sign in when coming back, which gave the authorities control of when each household will be allowed to go out again that week. This also allowed the authorities the power to refuse residents going out if they had been out twice in a week, and also keep an eye on people who want to visit each other.

With all the SADF and SAPS members deployed to maintain order in the streets, they could manage the crowds better if they had a better strategy than asking people where they’re going and what they are going to buy. 

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