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"You Are A Moron" Derek Hanekom Fires Shots At Tony Yengeni


ANC comrades are on each others throat over the state of affairs in the country. Recently, Tony Yengeni lamented about the persistent loadshedding pointing at André De Ruyter's incompetence.

Yengeni called the Eskom CEO André De Ruyter a moron, who is failing to end loadshedding in the country.

Derek Hanekom, another ANC veteran then came out guns blazing against Toni Yengeni saying he is the one who is a moron because he supported those who destroyed Eskom in the first place.

"You are the moron who supported those who destroyed Eskom in the first place. Some of them will end up in jail, where they belong," said Hanekom.

This fight between Derek Hanekom and Tony Yengeni seem to be getting out of hand, and some ANC members feel it's high time these comrades are sat down and reprimanded for attacking each other in public which further show that the centre is no longer holding within the ruling party.

"Cde Derek, please the differences you have with Cde Tony cannot be uttered here on social media. You are harming the organisation five times more.

I think you guys have been working together for a very long time, why make a temporary situation to look like it's permanent? Those concerned by this public spat between Yengeni and Hanekom said.

Under Zuma's administration however, there was loadshedding, it was not as it is now, and some feel that to keep on blaming him four years later after he left office shows the current administration is incompetent, and is using former president Jacob Zuma as their scapegoat.

"Guptas stabilized Eskom and you guys have broken it....Zuma solved the loadshedding 10 years ago and you guys destroyed it in one year, now you cannot fix it," some critics hit back at Derek Hanekom who is a staunch supporter of president Cyril Ramaphosa.

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