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Ramaphosa Makes Another Daring Promise to South Africans

Date: 09/10/21



The president of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa has come out to make yet another daring promise that South Africans find hard to believe. During an interview, he was questioned about the recent load shedding that came back.

When asked what is the cause and if they are working on a solution, he promised that the problems that Eskom is currently having will be solved. Many South Africans however, didn't believe this promise as they have heard it many times before.

He stated that it might take some time but in the near future, load shedding will be a thing of the past and South Africans will once again enjoy uninterrupted power.


All of this comes after Eskom decided to implement stage 2 of load shedding from Thursday the 7th of October. It explained how the load shedding might last the whole weekend if the problem Eskom is having doesn't get solved quickly.

South Africa has been having load shedding for more than 10 years now with no hope of fixing it. When it all started, it seemed like something that was passing by but it stuck and every now and then South Africans have to endure not having electricity.


I believe this is still one of Cyril Ramaphosa's false promises as it seems like there is no actual plan to stop this load shedding. I could also argue that it was part of his campaign to tell people that this will all come to an end so that they continue to believe in him and vote for the ANC.

If the African National Congress had the power to stop load shedding, from happening or fix any of the problems is gone has been having for the past few years they would have done that by now. This is yet another promise that South Africans might not see being fulfilled in the near future.

Load shedding seems to be something that is going to be stuck with South Africans for a very long time until a point where leadership acts accordingly to fix it.

What is your take on the matter hand?

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