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"This Stage 6 Loadshedding Will Give Looters Ideas At Night" Dudu Zuma

Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla has once again made statements that can be regarded as an indirect incitement to nighttime looting during power outages.

In light of the tremendous looting spree that occurred in Kwa-Zulu Natal and parts of Gauteng province in July of last year, her comment is completely insincere.

Executives of Eskom have said that saboteurs have always desired stage 6 of loadshedding to be implemented so that there will be widespread upheavals and turmoil in the country due to power outages.

Dudu Zuma stated, "All I'm saying is that stage 6 loadshedding will offer thieves ideas, especially at night."

However, Duduzile Zuma's comments have opened the floodgates for his opponents to criticize former president Jacob Zuma.

Some added, "The Zuma family is a blight on our nation."

Others launched jabs at the former president, stating, "She learnt from the best: her father...They are living off of our stolen tax dollars."

While Dudu Zuma's statements cannot be accepted, the continual power outages in the country have a significant impact on the economy, which has begun to slowly recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some believe that the termination of former Eskom executives like as Matshela Koko and Brian Molefe was hasty and without a clear succession strategy.

They suggest that this should also serve as a lesson to those who advocate for the ANC's overthrow without knowing which party will govern effectively.

"Some of us cautioned against removing Brian and Koko until a replacement has been determined. Another caution, do not dismantle the ANC unless you know what you will replace it with, and do not support the removal of the ANC, but rather its replacement installation "argues a social critic.


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