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OPINION| Whoever taught this nation that fire can solve problems has killed the country

It is by now clear to everyone that the anc and maybe illegal immigrants are destroying South Africa piece by piece, we are without a state and this requires citizens to act now you cannot tell me that with all the intelligence units, none are saying anything about this. Maybe President Herman Mashaba needs to sound the bell on this and hopefully civic society and the general public will denounce this anc government, as a matter of urgency

This has been happening under our watch, we will one day wake up without any state. It is clear that all these incidents are not incidents at all but acts of arson and terrorism. The politicians can coin this as they wish but we all see that these insurrectionists acts, are a well calculated moves to topple our government. I wonder who's going to be framed this time around my suggestion to homeless people nearby waterkloof should be vigilant, if how i am not sure either. Why its soo easy to commit a crime in NKP areas what is the motive behind all of this, why it seems soo easy to do that ?

I blame all the anc voters besides this fire at key national key point they just show on national news, how people had to carry a funeral casket over a whobbly wooden bridge where there is lots of water running underneath, in the eastern cape its sad still 27 years into democracy under the anc government is it still the apartheid state fault. The more ANC is in power the more damage will happen guys please vote with your head not with your stomach. ANC will give you 350 but won't create jobs for you this is a systematic plan for people to rely on them, so that they keep voting for them they don't want active citizens they want dependent people

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