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Mbalula Becomes A Laughing Stock As His Embarrassing Video Goes Viral


Transport minister Fikile Mbalula has become a laughing stock on social media after his video where he got stuck in the middle of reading out his speech has taken the social spheres by storm.

His speech drama happened during the time he unveiled investments in maritime sectors. It appeared as if Fikile Mbalula was reading the speech for the first time and got stuck trying to understand the wording of the speech to people's amusement.

"Investment aims at contributing towards sustainable job creation........during the....... ," Fikile Mbalula said before he went mute.

Social critics are however having a good laugh at Fikile Mbalula's video. These are some of the hilarious reactions from social media users on Fikile Mbalula's video.

"When it comes to tweeting he's very quick but can't read his speech."

"If you watch the whole video. There's a point where he literally shakes his head embarrassing."

"What's happening guys to our honourable minister guys. Is he alright? Wishing our minister all good. It might be a sign that he don't even know what he is talking about."

"This is too embarrassing really even for Fikile Mbalula," some argued.

Fikile Mbalula however maintains that investments are a catalyst towards the realisation of tangible economic interventions and improving the competitiveness of the country's ports and grow the sector contribution to economic reconstruction and recovery.

Even though Mbalula's transport ministry argue that ports infrastructure are a strategic area to drive government objectives of economic inclusion, in relation to the participation of the historically disadvantaged communities in the maritime sector, including women and youth, critics however beg to differ.

They feel that under President Cyril Ramaphosa's administration, numerous state owned enterprises are dysfunctional and if the status quo doesn't change, it will lead to the enterprises being privatised and this means some employees might be pushed out of their workplaces.


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