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OPINION| Can we Please All go to Vote on the First of November

Monday, 1 November 2021 is a public holiday, but most importantly, it is VOTING DAY, it's the local government elections. So, if you are planning to groove and drink on the day, why not do it after voting. Let's change what we do not like let's go and vote

As we are still waiting for houses, my child... but we are losing hope," said a desperate Johannesburg grandmother who has not received housing, even though she applied years ago. This is sadly the reality of millions of South Africans still waiting for decent houses they were promised, for many of them, the dream of a house will remain just thats a dream! 

House building has been central to the ruling governments policy since they came into power. But have they built enough houses? No! Houses are not being built, the truth is that there is a massive housing backlog, and it has been made worse by the corruption within housing delivery let's change this

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