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New evidence? Hillary’s murderers spotted withdrawing cash at ATM. Her father fears for his life

Godrich Gardee, the supreme leader of the EFF, made a startling revelation on Monday morning when he claimed that he had seen damning evidence in connection to the murder of his daughter. In the beginning of this year, Hillary Gardee was brutally murdered in Mpumalanga, yet the response from the police has been criticized.Hillary Gardee’s father ‘fears for his life’ – after seeing DAMNING evidence

As a result of the murder of Hillary Gardee, the father is now terrified for his life...

It is said that law enforcement officers failed to notice vital evidence at the scene of the crime, which compelled the Gardee family to hire their own private detectives. According to the person in charge of international relations at the EFF, it is now widely believed that the SAPS are merely withholding evidence that could prove to be essential for solving this case.He claims that there is video evidence of the suspects taking cash out of an ATM using Hillary Gardee's card in the moments before she was killed. He believes that the video evidence exists. It is intended that the license plate will be easily readable in this video... Despite this fresh film, however, there have been no arrests made as a result of it.

Godrich Gardee criticizes the police for their alleged "failure to intervene."

ImageAs they await their trials for the murder, three guys are still incarcerated. But Godrich Gardee is emphatic in his assertion that the murder was carried out by a larger group of "thugs." As a result of learning about these developments, the politician is now very concerned for his safety, and he has issued a challenge to the SAPS, demanding that they answer his questions.

Will the politician from the EFF be HUMILIATED?

Godrich went on a tirade against the South African Police Service throughout the course of the weekend, accusing them of incompetence and 'flat-out lying' about the work they've done up to this point. A second time, the father of the deceased person lashed out at the police because he was convinced that he could be targeted in the same way as Hillary Gardee was:

Hillary Gardee’s father ‘fears for his life’ – after seeing DAMNING evidence (

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