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It is not a secret that there are wrong forces within the ANC


It is not a secret that there are evil forces within the ANC that are restlessly trying to bring down the president, these forces are a combination of beneficiaries of state capture and tribalists who joined the ANC from IFP, who refuse to be led by people of other ethnic groups. This combination is trying very hard to convince the whole country that Ramaphosa is bad for the organisation, they never appreciated him since he was elected president

Instead of searching for a presidential candidate for their rotten faction, they've invested their energy in sabotaging and frustrating Ramaphosa's fight against corruption and plans to revive our economy, CR's second term is guaranteed and he's not going to be succeeded by anyone from their satanic faction when his time expires

If comrades don't want unity rather resign from the ANC as we are living in a democratic country and you can join any political party of choice. We all see that the ANC is busy losing power because of the factions, I see an early elections coming, without the ANC South Africa will be gone what went wrong comrades? I see nothing wrong with the ANC because the ANC have the best policies, this country is busy turning into race politics and we are moving away from the dream of the late Dr Nelson Mandela. If you don't respect the current leadership including President Cyril Ramaphosa feel free to leave and please let me have my ANC, I want to be led by Comrades who will create a better life for all

But I think the problem faced by the ruling party is that they have a tendency of distancing themselves away from interests of ordinary citizens of the country, and pay attention to their own it cannot be. They must get out of their comfort zones and listen to the people, municipalities are rotten to core under their watch.

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