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WARNING|| Mzanzi Is Warning Ramaphosa That This will Happen If He Reshuffles Aaron Motsoaledi


Dr Pakishe Aaron Motsoaledi was selected as Minister of Home Affairs on May 30, 2019. From May 26, 2014, to May 25, 2019, he served as Minister of Health. He also serves on the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress (ANC).


Ever since Mzanzi started calling for illegal foreigners to be chased from our country, Aaron Motsoaledi has been people's favourite because he seems to be the only ANC leader who supports that foreigners should go. He is the one who came up with the idea that Zimbabwe Exemption Permits (ZEP) should not be renewed because jobs held by foreigners could be held by South African youth. Many interested parties, many of whom are linked to the beneficiaries of Zimbabwe Exemption Permits (ZEP), are doing everything they can to appeal the ruling reached by the Minister of Home Affairs Department (which was backed by Cabinet) not to renew the ZEP.


Aaron Motsoaledi seems to be very unshakable in his decision that ZEP should not be renewed and foreigners must go. Following all that, there has been speculation on social media that Ramaphosa might reshuffle Aaron Motsoaledi because he seems to be making his way up and winning people's hearts. These are just social media rumours; no cabinet reshuffle has been announced.


Following all that, Mzanzi sent a strong warning to President Ramaphosa to never even think of reshuffling Minister Aaron Motsoaledi because it is his style that whenever someone seems to be gaining more love from the public than him, he eliminates them. South Africans are warning Ramaphosa that if he reshuffles Aaron Motsoaledi, they will be angry and he’ll break loose.


If our President wants to see how angry South Africans are, he must reshuffle Aaron Motsoaledi. According to a Twitter user.

This tweet caused a stir on social media. Many people retweeted and supported the idea that indeed they would never welcome it if Motsoaledi got reshuffled. See some of the comments below:




Dr Pakishe Aaron Motsoaledi is one of the most loved ministers because he always sides with the people, not the party. If Cyril decides to reshuffle him, there will be more protests and looting like what happened when Zuma got arrested. Many people have lost hope in the ANC, but in Dr Pakishe Aaron Motsoaledi they do have trust.


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