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Julias Malema made the apartheid judge to apologize after a heated interviews

Those Concourt Judge Interviews were heated up moes. Malema was really coming for everyone. I don't even know who she is I think maybe Malema. It sounds like his type.

But Malema is a problem, yes some of you will probably defend him and all but someone like this is not fit to lead, one minute he's a rotten potato and the next they want him to rise up the ranks. No marn this aint it.

Malema should not even sit on this commission. He belongs in prison himself. Making a mockery of rule of law.

He's lost his mind, in as much as I'm not a fan of Zuma, I don't see anything wrong with him campaigning for ANC.Mbeki was removed in a gangster manner however he is still campaigning for ANC.

I don't know why we as black people still vote for the ANC when we have this guy as an alternative. Well done comrade Malema.

This is what most people fail to understand, white people pride themselves of their inherited superiority. Once a black man unveils their vulnerability he becomes their worst nightmare if not their subject of hate.

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