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Malema should just become a DJ politics is not his thing see the video: Opinion

This article is based on my own opinion, and according to them I think the economic Freedom Fighters president Julias Malema should just become a DJ and leave politics as it seems it's not his thing.

I know that he's been in politics for many years as he was the president of the ANC youth League before leaving the party to form his own political party which is the EFF. But his decisions according to my opinion doesn't have the right direction. Recently he vowed that he will never work with the Democratic Alliance in a collision, but then later on just two days ago it was announced that he has formed a coalition with the Democratic Alliance.

He once said that if his party wins the elections, he will remove all illegal immigrants which are taking over the many buildings of Johannesburg especially in Hillbrow, but change he's calling them his brothers and he says he will remove all border Gates if his party wins the elections.

But then I couldn't to my opinion, looking at his DJ skills where he displayed recently on the campaign, and at Konka Night Club, I can tell you the man is good at becoming a DJ.

According to Savannah online media publication, it has been reported that it seems sfj widely-known politician Julius Malema is now a DJ. According to the publication it has been reported that he has been around too many parties recently, and one will not be surprised if the man decide to leave the stressful politics aside and join the South African DJ list.

As a country we have been exposed to many things, but a politician who does parties and is a DJ is genuinely one-of-a-kind but that again, isn't what members of the economic Freedom Fighters are known for? Allegedly being truly authentic and not caring what everyone thinks of them. We see where they get their carefree energy and spirit from because of their leader Julius Malema who is always partying with the 2000's, and honestly looking at him doing his thing on the DJ decks, you can tell that the man is enjoying this.

Looking at the picture below, it pains a different story between the top leaders of the party, you can tell that Floyd Shivambu is painting a different picture looking at his face, advocate Dali Mpofu also is painting a different picture which differs from the party leader as you can see him that he is feeling this music thing.

But with all this going around of the party leader being a DJ, many allegedly suggest that this is one of his marketing strategy for the upcoming elections. As he has announced in the past that he is targeting mostly the youth to come out and vote, maybe this is the strategy to get the Young youth to come out and vote, and vote for the Economic Freedom Fighters.

There is a saying that says life begins at 40, and guess what Julius malema has just turned 40 years old, maybe that's why he's partying so much. Yes life has just begun.

This is according to my opinion, the Economic Freedom Fighters leader seems to be good in becoming a DJ watch the video on the link below you will see that the man is good when it comes to the decks.

Source link: Savanna

Content created and supplied by: Jimfoxx07 (via Opera News )

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