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South Africans In shock As The DA Mayor Opens A New Stadium || See Why How Much It Cost



it has now been a month since the country was left in disbelief to believe by corruption has changed the country and this was unexpected. This is because corruption used to be in control and now things have turned into a huge disaster. This is because when an African National Congress member is reported for doing evil deeds, the whistleblower is always killed for spreading such information to the high officials.

This is the only culture for corruption to continue spreading over the country as nothing tangible can be done. It can be said that corruption will only stop if service delivery were to happen in the current generation.

South Africans are in shock as the Democratic alliance mayor Randall Willians opens a new stadium to spite the African National Congress. This is because the ANC has failed to deliver service delivery to the people of South Africa and this is something to prove to the country that the DA cares.

Randall Williams the mayor of Western cape province has finally shown the country on which political party cares about the people of South Africa and their needs. This is because the Democratic Alliance has only been judged for being racist and this then gives them the edge to contest in the upcoming local government.

Things have now proven to have taken to a better level as the Democratic Alliance is gaining more momentum every day and this can be the new dawn for the people of southern Africa. The African National Congress shocked the country when they launch a stadium that cost the country R15 million this is something that left the country in shock and in disbelief at how bad corruption is doing in the country.

This was very shameful for the country to witness that the party they have voted for is busy masturbating with the people's power.

What is your intake on this and why?

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