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Salo Says "Our Govt Decision to Stop Zim permits will Lead SA into Isolated Continent" - Magufuli

Southern African Liaison Office (Salo) says our Govt decision to stop Zimpermits will lead it to be isolated in the continent. Shockingly, it further says that the decision is anti-African trade. It says SA want to ensure Zimbabweans are reduced in South Africa. Why they would like to control South Africa they don't care about the poverty and pain of citizens why focus is on Zimbabweans, That will be a good idea, Mokone because South Africans have spoken, they are saying they are not Africans, they would rather not be part of Africa. I think SA have to close its doors, should not travel to Africa, they can go to the USA, Europe, Australia. No participation in events, We will welcome our people back home, one day ZIM will have a good economy, Many of us actually want to see that. We want a prosperous Southern Africa. During the 1800s America isolated themselves from the world, worse on European politics and problem n they become the wealthiest nation in the World, so they mustn't perplex us, we know history. Someone said this during the week:"We all want African countries to prosper so that the continent can become a powerhouse, but it is unfair to expect other countries to rely solely on South Africa”

 is SA the only country in the continent…all these organizations established to put pressure on SA. The individuals must resist this nonsense, even governments have protocols that govern their relations with one another. Self-isolation? Who isolated us before ZEPs were issued? This document was a favor not a right. Analyst, just one of them. Nigeria or Botswana does not give ZEPs to Zimbabweans or any country, why are they not in trouble? During apartheid, SA was isolated never participated in CAF games, events & it was admitted after the fall of apartheid. ZIM soccer team is expelled by FIFA for violating FIFA rules. I think significant not to be emotional. The regional problem needs collective solution. South Africa must just cut ties with these Zimbabweans. We as ordinary citizens benefit nothing in these agreements made by these politicians. These agreements are there to milk SA, only.

Salo must tell us which SADC country offer Zimbabwe special permits or any African countries. I almost said basehenge  @PumPum_Radebe. 

Foreign journalists trying to save their countries from Zimbo immigration by having Zimbos coming to South Africa. Their immigration laws are tight, and they deport them in numbers.


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