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Unexpected turn | Minister Lindiwe Sisulu Corruption Allegations

The whistleblower made the allegations in a letter to Parliament on August 31 through a law firm called Molala Attorneys.

The whistleblower highlighted the defence of former ministers and alleged corruption during her tenure, claiming that bribes had not been paid to the minister and that they had delayed payment for work done under a contract with the Ministry of Defence in which the former minister was not involved.    Show Source Texts

A few days ago, Minister Sisulu released audio recordings of alleged corruption involving two former and one current member of the National Rapid Response Team (NRRTT) of the Ministry of Water and Sanitation, after a Sunday newspaper reported on the alleged corruption.

The minister instructed lawyer Terry Motau to investigate the audio recordings as a matter of priority. The whistleblower, who brought corruption allegations against the former defense secretary to the spotlight while she was in office, claimed that in 2012, when she was awarded a Defense Department contract in which she was not involved, she was asked whether she had paid bribes, according to IOL.    Show Source Texts

Sisulu has appointed lawyer Terry Motau SC to investigate allegations of fraud, corruption and irregular spending in the department. Sisulu said there was a huge backlog in industrial relations investigations, but progress had been made in investigations into irregular spending.

Its director-general, Tshangana, said 138 ministry officials had been found guilty of corruption and mismanagement since Sisulus took office as minister, resulting in senior staff being sacked or suspended without pay.    Show Source Texts

Sisulu said the corruption had cost the ministry billions of rand, and the lack of consequences meant the perpetrators worked without pay.

The minister said he had appointed lawyer Terry Motau to lead a team of lawyers to review corruption, irregular spending and allegations of fraud within the ministry.

He said the allegations against the Department of Water and Power and senior department officials were being investigated.    Show Source Texts

Lindiwe Nonceba Sisulu was Minister of Housing (2004-2009), [2] Ministry of Defence and Veteran (2009-2012), [3] Minister of Public Service and Administration (2012-2014).

The minister said the alleged illegal surveillance came after he raised concerns about delays in corruption investigations on the board.

The minister is no stranger to allegations of corruption and misconduct, having been implicated in the alleged arrest of former Bosasa CEO Angelo Agrizzi.    Show Source Texts

Sisulu was appointed Deputy Minister of the Interior by the government in 1996 and served until 2001.

She was appointed to the Defence Committee as Defence Secretary by Tony Yengeni.

Lindiwe Nonceba Sisulu, one of the longest-serving NEC members and Cabinet Ministers, broke her silence in an exclusive interview with the Independent Media to express serious concerns about the ANC and the current challenges.

Before the Judicial Commission investigating allegations of state detention and elements of corruption and detention in the Department of Water and Sanitation.    Show Source Texts

In a statement published on Monday 5 July, the Minister of Housing, Water and Sanitation Lindiwe Sisulu said that the article on "Sisulu, R300 million housing fraud" which Parliament read last week that he had nothing to do with corruption and accused businessman Edwin Sodi of winning a contract for a corrupt COVID 19 housing programme of R300 million was an attempt to tarnish his name.

He said on Sunday that the journalists behind the Mail & Guardian article had an "undeniable bias" against him and had been the target of a series of negative articles.

The minister was embroiled in controversy in Parliament in November 2012 after he was accused of using an executive jet for flights while serving as defence minister for military veterans.    Show Source Texts

Lindiwe Sisulu, minister of settlements and water and sanitation, said she was determined to fight corruption, but her recent actions had raised more questions.

She said the spying took place after she raised concerns about delays in the investigation into corruption at the Amatola water authority, adding that her staff had been harassed, harassed and threatened in a hotel and at their homes, while their spouses had been harassed and pointed at them at gunpoint.

The Department of Water and Sanitation as it was called before joining the settlements was declared bankrupt by former minister Nomvula Mokonyane. Her successor, Gugule Nkwinti, said in 2018 that he found the department in a mess.    Show Source Texts

What seemed like a smart move to combat non-payment of electricity in the city of Tshwane turned out to be an expensive and corrupt mess, Solidarity said.

OCCRP Report In March, the NGO published a report examining the impact of corruption in DWs water supply. The report outlined how companies conspired with the ministry and local government officials to declare a state of emergency to circumvent procurement rules and raise prices.   Show Source Texts

In a report, the Solidarity trade union describes nine corruption scandals in recent years that have cost taxpayers more than 246 million rupees spent by President Jacob Zuma's Nkandla.

Solidarity declared that Corruption Watch declared the local government the most corrupt institution in the country in 2013.

Three Tshwane Metro cops were arrested in January 2015 for bribery and according to the report, the Tshwane Metro Police Department fired 67 members of its anti-corruption unit in late 2011 and disbanded them in 2012.    Show Source Texts

While Zuma's government has been plagued by corruption and influence-peddling allegations, media reports and a flurry of leaked emails have put pressure on Sisula to allow a judicial commission to investigate bribes.

Several criminal proceedings led to the arrest of Lepelle Northern Water's former managing director, the resignation of a former managing director of Amatola Water and the defection of the company's supply chain management manager.

A 2015 report revealed that the Marabastad refugee office in Pretoria was a hotbed of corruption and bribery and one of the country's most corrupt ministries, Solidarity said.   Show Source Texts

Lindiwe Sisulu welcomed the announcement of the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) to investigate alleged irregularities in bids in the Department in 2012.

The announcement follows the signing of a Proclamation (R33 2021) of President Cyril Ramaphosa which gave SIU green light to investigate allegations of corruption and ill-administration in the Ministry of Health involving Minister officials and companies within the EOH.

A formal investigation into a 159 million rupee ($11.5 million) Mkhize-related health ministry tender is underway, but media reports are damning enough to force Ramaphosa's government to act.

The so-called report, to be handled by LindiWE Sisulus' consultants, is expected to exonerate them of allegations of fraud, corruption, irregularities in tenders and violation of the Public Finance Administration Act.    

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