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Under the Uneducated Hlaudi Motsoeneng There Were no Retrenchments in SABC - Opinion

I respect the uneducated Hlaudi Motsoeneng because when he took over from Dali Mpofu he inherited a Debt. Instead of mourning and hiding behind Mpofu his team went out to look for funds to pay the debt but also to make SABC Profitable and they did. Hence when they left the SABC the institution even had a surplus.Instead of turning-around the SABC one board after the other blames Hlaudi who left the SABC four years ago. Board members who are even paid more than the President of the country resorting to excuses or is it simply excuses to Privatise. They must just give Hlaudi back his SABC.Zuma is uneducated but we never had retrenchments under his leadership. Hlaudi is uneducated but he ran SABC with excellence. There must be a problem with educated people or our education systemTo add to that under Hlaudi there were no retrenchments at SABC.Now the new management which is claiming to be improving things is busy retrenching and firing people.If the SABC is truly improving and getting better why is it now retrenching workers it was able to pay under Hlaudi's management ?

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