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If It Wasn't For This Billionaire, Mandela Wouldn't Have A House In The Suburbs

As everyone probably knows by now, Mandela is one of the greatest politicians to ever grace the face of earth. Alongside the help of others, he took South Africa from being a country ruled with apartheid laws, to being a democratic country where all those who live in it have equal opportunities to tackle this game of life.

Now most people asked themselves why is it that when Mandela got out of prison, went straight to live in a mansion instead of his old house in Soweto. 

It just didn't add up that a person who was incarcerated for over 27 years would suddenly have the money to have finance a huge mansion in the burbs.

Well to answer that question, let's just say Mandela got one of the most expensive gifts ever. Mr Steyn bought him this mansion, it's not known for what reasons but nonetheless, he did buy him, see image below:

He must be one lucky fellow, how many stories do you hear like this one??....WHAT DO YOU THINK? LET'S TALK IN THE COMMENTS SECTION


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