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Immigration policy

Bad news to all illegal foreigners in SA as an unexpected information comes out.

Aaron Motsoaledi's video denouncing illegal immigration went popular earlier this year.

There would be no "I will not stay quiet like other cowardly ANC officials" who will not speak out, says the minister. At this particular location, he was having a conversation with ANC leaders.

In South Africa, there is a widespread belief that criminals from other nations may easily enter and leave the country. Under his guidance, the government would stop grabbing and detaining criminals.

A few months ago, he urged his colleagues at a party policy meeting that they should follow the party's strict immigration policies, which were outlined in their platform.

The time for diplomacy is over when people who aren't wanted in their native nations are using Ubuntu, which is based in South Africa, according to him In the words of Motsoaledi, South Africans are trying to keep their mouths shut about immigration. "We're attempting to dodge that elephant by not talking about it."

Speak your mind; there is nothing wrong with being honest with yourself. For the time being, my primary responsibilities are to see to it that everyone in my household is well. As the speaker puts it, "I know exactly what I'm attempting to get across to my audience.

Immigrant criminals in South Africa are referred to as "xenophobic" by the country's minister.

There doesn't seem to be any resolution in sight for the issues plaguing our continent. Everything has to do with South Africa. If you make too much noise, South Africans will run away from you. Xenophobia is the fear of people from other countries. There is "xenophobia" as he put it, if something is revealed to be incorrect.


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