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Joe Biden made a perfect decision by excluding Zimbabwe from his democracy meeting


President Biden has done right for excluding Zimbabwe as the country has no democracy, human rights are being disrespected. Leaders of Zanu PF are so corrupt infact, there is no longer a state in Zimbabwe. It collapsed long ago. He did not invite these whiskey shoppers because we all know that on the following day Zimbabwe will hold its own similar meeting with heads of States and excludes the US, and the top of the agenda list will be for the other heads of States to update Zimbabwe on the meeting with the U.S. and how they will share benefits of whatever deals with Zim. Pathetic African countries can't even come together and stand united with Zimbabwe, because of their behaviour being Zimbabwean and lacking courage must really be a curse. There's more of us and less of them. How many countries are in this continent again? Yet we are controlled by a select few Hope Malawian President will be told with emphasis that this is a virtual meeting and no need to travel. He needs to start working on his Broadband so he doesn't get buffering internet. After the Zim president went haywire telling his gullible supporters of how Biden and Borris we glad to see him, and that his so called re-engagement efforts are bearing fruit. I know ED will go there uninvited anyway and come back lying to us that he signed mega deals with Biden, and the rest of those invited, the man can force things, I remember when he tried forcing himself on the Kazungula bridge issue, he tried with all means until the partners made it clear that scarfmore was just a visitor, a guest. Meaning he did not contribute anything, there are people who are praising Zimbabwean democracy, I really fail to understand which universe are they coming from

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