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Immigration policy

OPINION| Politicians are allegedly using immigration issue to score some points

African Diaspora Global Network says that politicians use immigration to win votes, which is true because if you want to get elected in South Africa these days, all you have to do is play the immigration card. The ANC knows this and should change its tone if it wants to stay in power after 2024. Even if no jobs are made or SOEs are shut down, if you talk about foreigners in South Africa, you can get a job. However, immigration is a world-wide problem that no one can stop; the best you can do is regulate it. What makes a country prosper is good governance, job creation, respect for public funds, and following the law, not running up and down after immigrants.

If you have common sense, you wouldn't let someone stay in South Africa for 12 years or more and then tell them they are illegal. These people have been paying taxes and contributing to uif, which they sometimes don't get, and some have orphaned children who don't know where to go because they depend on their lives here. Now, their lives should end because of people who don't care.

It's funny how they talk about foreigners going back to their home countries. The vendors do go back to their home countries, but the big fish don't. The big fish hide in places like Sandton. When you get rid of the vendors, make sure the government gives you money to order things to rent and stock, or you won't be able to get a job after chasing the foreigners away. Just wondering if the government will be able to get rid of millions of foreigners while those who are crying and yelling that foreigners need to leave are still going to bed hungry. Those who are tired of immigrants should pack up and go somewhere else. Whether you like it or not, immigrants are here to stay, so you might as well get used to it. Politicians are using the problem to gain popularity by making it seem like something is being done.

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