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I Will Not Rest Until Jordaan Is Out Of Football, Ledwaba Says After Losing The Safa Election.

After suffering a defeat in the election for the presidency of the South African Football Association (Safa) on Saturday at the hands of the current leader, Ria Ledwaba has stated that she will not give up until Danny Jordaan is "out of football." 

At the elective congress held on Saturday at the Sandton Convention Centre, Jordaan received 186 votes to secure a third term. Ledwaba received 27 votes, and Safa Tshwane president Ngoako "Solly" Mohlabeng received eight votes. 

Ledwaba has continued to assert that the purpose of the constitutional amendments that were passed during an extraordinary congress on March 24 in advance of the elective congress was to solidify Jordaan and the current national executive committee (NEC) in their positions of power. 

"I knew the odds were against me, but I think I fought a good fight," Ledwaba said after the match. "I think I fought a good fight." 

"I am still of the opinion that Safa needs to make some adjustments. And I believe that I have not lost anything today — in fact, football has lost a servant." 

When Ledwaba was asked to elaborate on whether or not the statement meant that she was leaving Safa, she responded, "No, no, I'm not. You can expect to hear much more from me in the future. 

"I will not rest until Dr. Jordaan is no longer involved in football." 

The results of the Safa presidential election were a resounding victory for Danny Jordaan. 

As was to be expected, incumbent Danny Jordaan was victorious in the Safa presidential race, defeating challengers Ria Ledwaba and Solly Mohlabeng with an overwhelming majority of the vote. 

"There are a lot of things that I've said that need to be modified. I have high hopes that the new executive team will be able to implement those changes, if they are even possible. 

The governance committee determined that Ledwaba did not meet the requirements necessary to be a candidate for the NEC. According to Tebogo Motlanthe, the president of Safa, who spoke with TimesLIVE, the fact that Ledwaba is no longer a member of the NEC means that she is no longer eligible to serve as vice president of Safa under the statutes of Safa. 

Since 2018, she had been serving in the role of vice president for Safa. In light of the fact that she sued Safa in an effort to prevent the elections from taking place, there is a good chance that the association will take steps to remove Ledwaba from its membership. 

It was asked of Ledwaba whether the loss of the election signifies the end of her influence in South African football. 

"Not in the least. I've established the Ria Ledwaba Foundation as a charitable organization that gives back to football in the communities it serves. And that is exactly what I will keep doing — I will never let myself become consumed by football. 

"There is absolutely no reason to feel disheartened about the election," the speaker said. It all comes down to winning or losing the election. 

Danny Jordaan has stated that this will be his final term in the role of Safa president. 

Danny Jordaan has pledged that this will be the final term he serves as president of the South African Football Association (Safa), which he was recently elected to lead for a third time. 

"However, there must be an even playing field in which every participant has an equal chance of success. But it is common knowledge that there was no level playing field in this election.

"As we are all aware, the Constitution was altered so that certain people could have their way with it. However, we will not give up the fight. I believe it is critical for Safa to make some kind of transition. 

It was inquired of Ledwaba as to why she is so adamant that Jordaan must be removed from his position as leader of Safa. 

"I do not believe that he is beneficial to our football team. I am of the opinion that he has fulfilled his obligations as a team member throughout the many years he has spent playing football. But in my opinion, football can never be a one-man show. It's just not possible. 

"It's not just a rumor. They are free to say whatever they want, but the fact remains that he directs operations at the association in this manner. 

"If you look at the delegates, you'll notice that each region chose them to represent them. But then you show up at the congress, and they ask you to withdraw your name from consideration. When you have already been elected by the region, on what mandate do you withdraw your name from consideration at the congress? 

One of the contentious amendments to the constitution stated that a candidate for the election for the NEC needed to have worked for Safa at a regional level or higher for more than ten years in order to be eligible to run for the position. 

The camp of Ledwaba's alleged that this was done with the intention of firmly establishing the current NEC in place, thereby ensuring their allegiance to Jordaan. 

18 members of the NEC were in charge of their respective regions. The 52 regions, with four votes apiece, represent the biggest component of the vote by far for the NEC and presidency. 

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