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Parade protest


5 Trucks were torched last night on the R59 before the Kliprivier Dr off-ramp

Five trucks were set alight last night on the R59 before the Kliprivier Dr off-ramp.

Now, what’s the reason of this now because there is a Chinese minister. I am sure they don’t fight because of foreigners being employed by truck owners. We have a Chinese minister guys, it’s time to wake up now.

Last month one region in Namibia appointed a Chinese advisor to governor. People held demonstrations until that governor n his Chinese advisor stepped down. 

I’m sure she’ll give them better ideas to handle things because this current Government is USELESS & CLUELESS. IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE. How can you go through the same thing ALL the time. When Michael Sun was MMC for Public Safety, he made a huge difference, like it or not. NO Strategies in place!!!!!as long as they darn earn their Full Salaries what the devil do they care about us. 

Making SA ungovernable. Apparently it always happens just before a BRICS sitting. We have some tsotsis running our government. So won’t expect anything less.

If you burn that truck, and lets say you win you your argument, who will then hire you cos the truck is no more? People must reason when they do these things, you cant solve one problem by creating plenty more problems.

Touching of trucks always happens when Zuma is said to be attending , the court. There is a faction in the Kzn , which is sabotaging Ramaphosa under the disguise of protesting against foreign are taking our jobs, also there is a tribe that thinks it owns South Africa , so the presidency must always be in KZN, this time forget, and smile , it will rotate to MP, Coloureds, Northwest, Northern Cape, Eeastern cape.

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