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Makhadzi Got Ditched By Her Fans For Wearing ANC Regalia. See how enraged people were in comments


One of the most boring thing about being a celebrity is that people always expect you to live up to their standards. They expect you to live the life they want to see you living and forget that you have a personal life too. Celebrities have a normal life too, just like anyone. Outside of their careers, they have a normal life to live too, and that should also be normalised and stop treating them like icons. I am saying this after how Makhadzi fans ditched her and vowed to unfollow her for saying she was honouring the President. 

As we all know, local government elections are nearing and political parties are doing all they can to lure citizens to vote for them. They are conducting rallies and campaigns everyday. As a way of campaigning, Makhadzi was invited to an ANC rally where she had to perform her good music. As a way of honouring the invite to the rally, she wore knitted ANC regalia and posted her photo or tweeter captioned "Hounouring the President’s invite". So somehow, she meant that she wore those ANC regalia as a way of appreciating the support that the President gave her. See her photos below:


As we know, Makhadzi has massive followers who are members of various political parties. After posting these photos, many people showed their disappointment, saying that she could not support a political party that is responsible for the high youth unemployment in the country. Many people vowed to unfollow her because they liked her as an entertainer or artist, not a member of any political group. People expressed their dissatisfaction with her on social media, igniting a firestorm.See some comments below:

Makhadzi has a personal life just like anyone else, so I see nothing wrong with her wearing ANC regalia. Other than that, she was not campaigning for any party; she was just giving thanks for the support that the president gave her by inviting her to the rally. We should start to understand that it’s not everything about celebrities that it has to be about. We should bear in mind that they are people too, and they might be different outside of their careers.

Whats your view on this? Do you think she was wrong for wearing this outfit? Leave your comments below.


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