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An Old Age Woman Reveals Why She Didn't Vote For Malema And Her Reasons Will Sh0ck You || See Why


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The day was when the people of South Africa were busy asking themselves when will the right time to cast their votes come to reach. This is because it was highly anticipated that the election will be held during this difficult time.

This is because the country was first warned that it must allow people to vote online instead of voting via physical contact. This was because if people were to be allowed to cast their votes during this difficult time, it will attract more people to be infected with the coronavirus which can't stop spreading if people are still not vaccinated.

The 1st of November became one of the days where people of South Africa were obliged to cast their votes in their respective polls. This was the only chance and opportunity for the people to choose which party best deserved to be handed over the power to govern their local government.

Many people came out in large numbers to vote and people didn't even hide their voting secret as most people were spotted on platforms voting for the Economic Freedom Fighters and with others voting for the new political party actions.

Currently, the only voting party that is leading the election results is the African National Congress with more than 46.43% followed by the Democratic Alliance with 22.44% lastly with Economic Freedom Fighters with only 11.23%. The people were shocked with the political party called ActionSA taking over some parts of the Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal region with a combined number of 30 seats.

The country was also shocked and amazed by this old woman who was filmed on ticktock revealing why people didn't vote for Julius Malema as most of the people voted for the ANC. Her reason was that the country is not ready to be run by someone like Julius Malema, as he mostly spends time mocking other ANC leaders and this is doesn't make him a leader to lead the nation.

What is your intake on this and why?

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