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" South Africans are not Malema's priority" - SA man says after Malema did this on women's day

" South Africans are not Malema's priority" - SA man says after Malema did this on women's day. 

Julius Malema and his political party, the Economic Freedom Fighters, are one of the most controversial topics in South Africa. They usually have tongues wagging because of their stance on the open border policy, which has gotten a lot of people believing that Malema has no good intentions for South Africans. Malema now has people believing that South Africans are not his priority. 

One gentleman by the name of Segopotje Nkadimeng on Twitter shared his views about Malema. He said that South Africans are not Malema's priority because he dedicated women's day to Ramaphosa's Nambian domestic worker who had colluded with criminals to steal money at Phala Phala farm. Segopotje said that Malema does not care about the 7 women that were killed in Seshego and the 8 women that were raped in Krugersdorp. " South Africans are not Malema's priority. No wonder he dedicated Women's Day to a Namibian domestic worker who colluded with criminals to steal money at Phala Phala farm. He doesn't care about the 7 Seshego women who were killed by Zimbabweans and 8 women who were raped by zamas zamas in Krugersdorp". 

The Economic Freedom are known for releasing media statements everytime something they do not like happens. However, when the Krugersdorp gang rape news broke, the EFF remained silent. This has gotten tongues wagging. However, the biggest issue at this point is why is it that Malema did not dedicate Women's Day to the women that were killed and raped? Perhaps the answer to this can be found in the fact that the 7 and 8 women were assaulted by foreign nationals who Malema often defends and takes their side. 

Nonetheless, EFF members defended their President and stated that Malema celebrated women's day with South African women and that should count. However, South Africans expected Malema to stand up for South African women and condemn the hideous acts done against them by his fellow brothers. But Malema can't do that because he believes that the very same foreign nationals will be the employers of South African people one day. 

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