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OPINION - The removal of South Africa's president is in whose interest?

06 August 2022


Not long ago in the local government elections, the DA was resolute that they don't want to work with the left parties but today the same DA is working day and night with the left parties to remove the sitting president.

Indeed the enemy knows how to use us to achieve its goals while the enemy is not willing to be used by us to advance the interests of the poor people and the working class.

The questions we must ask ourselves, the mix masala coalition and the removal of South Africa's president is in whose interest?

Why must the left parties, if they are genuine about removing the president in benefit of our people, not organise revolutionary protests that will unite all left parties to demand the resignation of the president?

The current coalition is nothing but quasi revolution and discontent with realities that affect our people.

The fact that the left find it comfortable to work with the DA must worry all revolutionaries and progressive forces. This is a sellout position and it must be rejected by the poor people and the working class.

In conclusion also I'll be the first black person to unfold the truth.

I want people to help me by sharing this message. I want this message to reach people near and far.

I want to tell you what white South African did after apartheid?

When I started going to school in SA i didn't experience apartheid, it was officially over when I started to go to school with white kids, black kids, all shapes and colours, and didn't even know that there was a segregation thing going on until later in life when they taught us about it in high school.

One thing I can say is that the new government which is the ANC was very quick to try and equalise the demographic in every area of the economy. So basically what happened was that whites in high ranking positions would get fired and be replaced by a black employee regardless of whether they are qualified for the position or not. So I saw top engineers in our power stations being fired, top executives in service providers getting replaced. Doctors, teachers, even sportsmen. As the years have gone by the affirmative action has spread into more and more areas, even getting into university these days is very difficult for white students because black students like myself are the first preference even if we didn't perform well academically. It's all about race, so basically we are living in a state of reverse apartheid now in a badly planned, and badly executed attempt to create equality. The government still believes that they can fix the evils of the past by taking from one and giving to another, instead of just building up opportunities by providing better education and services for all.

So what do Whites do? They do the best they can with what they have, many of the highly skilled professionals that were thrown out of their jobs just left the country and are laughing all the way to the bank overseas where their abilities are highly sought after. Many weren't effected at all, entrepreneurs always find a way to make good business out of a bad situation.

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