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OPINION| Some Zambians Are Not Happy About Hakainde's Decisions

This afternoon in Washington, we met Zambian citizens living in the USA. The colleagues raised a number of issue that they would like our Government to address. They spoke about better consular services, investment opportunities for Zambians in the diaspora, good governance, technical assistance from them. They also asked if we can make the embassies able to process key national documents such as passports and national registration cardsThey also need us to fight corruption. Our response was that the fight against corruption is top of our agenda. We will also professionalise the embassies to enable them to provide the needed services. We will also reach out to Zambians in the diaspora for their technical know-how as well as ensure that they participate in the local economy. We also urged them to look out for opportunities and not wait for an invitation. This is their country and they should feel free to participate in the many initiatives our administration will start ~Hakainde HichilemaBut people are very annoyed because your government is still keeping those thieves we voted out, and the system seems very slow nothing much is done they still controlling the whole government institution, we are really hurting disappointed sir. How i wish Ba DEC, Anti corruption and FIC can be replaced with new personals, if they are to win the fight against corruption other wise with the same personals from the past government, I am not seeing any progress apart from just alarming the situationPlease Mr President when you go back to your country, you need to fire all these big pf who are occupying these offices, the case of K65m its looks not to be going anywhere because of the pf handling the situation, people need sanity my President. The president is being nice for nothing, this is politics and the sooner you act the better. Get UPND in government and get the criminals out. Keep your niceness in your house but give the what they voted you for and that is to get Lungu and his fellow criminals outPeople suffered to bring this change but now are frustrated that the same people who destroyed this country are still occupying these positions. Yes you can say you are methodical in doing things but you are too slow. Politics is about results, people are frustrated with the slow pace you are cleaning the system. I believe you have capable people in the party who can do the job. People risked their lives now only to see oppressors still occupying offices is very annoying

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