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Here's The Private Jet That's Owned By ANC Member, Tokyo Sexwale

As everyone probably knows by now, Tokyo Sexwale is one of the few wealthiest individuals we have in South Africa. According to Bloomberg and Forbes, he's worth an estimated R2.7 billion.

The Sexwale story to financial success is really a special one because he too, like Mandela and the others, was incarcerated in Robben Island for many number of years without seeing any family or friends and on top of that, being deprived of basic human rights by the apartheid government.

So to go from being a political prisoner to one of the wealthiest individuals in the country, is really inspiring. It shows that with enough motivation and perseverance, you will see the green pastures.

After the ANC won the first democratic elections in 1994, Mandela handed Tokyo a Ministerial position to handle a certain government department.

In 1999, after Mandela stepped down as President of the country, Sexwale too kinda left politics to take full advantage of the newly BEE policy that wa introduced at that time by Thabo Mbeki.

Tokyo surprised many by taking this route in his life, because many including Mandela, thought he was gonna be in politics for the rest of his life, just like the many comrades we're seeing today.

He started his business journey by launching the Mvelaphanda Group, an investment company that has percentage stakes in many sectors including retail, finance, mining and industrial.

With Mvelaphanda, it didn't take long before Tokyo started finding success and he started buying himself gifts to celebrate his newly found success.

He bought himself many houses, cars, gadgets, clothes and ate at many fancy restaurants. What broke people's jaws, was when Tokyo bought a private jet for himself YES! you read that right, Sexwale has a private jet. See the image below:







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