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Something Is Very Strange About this Move to Level 1, Especially These 2 Regulations [Opinion]

After months of clinging to higher levels of the lockdown, such as level 4 and level 3, South Africa has now moved to level 1, allowing many people to experience freedom for the first time in years. Cyril Ramaphosa made the decision to reduce South Africa's lockdown to level 1 on Thursday, September 30th, stating that the statistics supported the decision to do so. Something unusual is going on, despite the fact that this appeared to be convincing.


It appears that the transition to level 1 is advantageous for the majority of political parties now engaged in campaigns. Many individuals believe that the move was undertaken mainly to encourage people to vote for the ANC in order to finally bring level 1 to the country. To everyone's amazement, they even managed to boost the number of people attending funerals and outdoor events during this period.

These two decisions appear to provide the impetus for this new era of transformation. It is more of a campaigning move than anything that is genuinely beneficial to the general public. The fact that outside activities are not possible for 2000 individuals is something that may be envisioned for the first time since the pandemic and the lockdown began. The fact that this is happening makes no sense at all given the history of the lockdown.

Because the administration didn't want citizens to have to vote again, they allowed this situation to develop.. If it hadn't been for the vote, I don't believe we would have reached level 1 so quickly or seen an increase in the amount of people spending time outside. It's possible that the people are being taken for a ride. The two regulations appear to be out of sync to me, particularly at this moment in time.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Do you believe that the promotion to level 1 is primarily motivated by political considerations? Do you believe they want more people to cast ballots?

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