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Victory for Dudula After Foreigners are being denied Rights to do this.

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For quite some time, there has been a persistent rebellion and clamor among South Africans who have expressed their opposition to the predicted spoiling of their family by official power, which ends up prioritizing untouchables. Furthermore, the uproar has resulted in a proposal to make significant improvements to the government's inadequate check on untouchables entering the country. 

There have been a few setbacks to the now well-known action Dudula development in South Africa during this time. Nhlanhla Lux, the mission's harbinger, is one of them. Who was apprehended in connection with alleged illegal takeoffs and attacks on foreigners? 

However, this has enraged millions of supporters of the Dudula project; there appears to be good reason to trust because particular items are currently being changed. While this is beneficial to the outcome, it is clearly bad news for pariahs, particularly those from Zimbabwe. 

According to a statement made on Twitter by a client known as Vanessa, the Estate Agencies Affairs Board (EAAB) has now placed a blacklist and prevented all Zimbabweans from having the limit and capacity to guarantee as well as sell properties in South Africa. In the most natural way possible for her; "Thankfully, the Estate Agencies Affairs Board (EAAB) has completed the distribution of Fidelity Fund Certificates to Zimbabweans! They will never be able to sell property in this country in the future. Voetsek is required!" 

Many people clearly own property, which they are now selling in large numbers. Anyway, rumors have claimed that all prizes to misfits would be extended for a year after which they will be able to re-energize; however, Zimbabweans will not have that option. Untouchables are fearful as Zimbabweans allegedly miss out on crucial possibilities to do so in South Africa. 

A small number of people have reacted on this topic, with some praising the board and others recognizing that while the triumph is amazing, this standard will not last forever. A few reactions are listed below: 

"I'm not sure this will stop them yet." 

"In any case, it needs to be made due despite the fact that Zimbabweans are all outcasts." 

"Unbelievable news! Is there any documentation to back this up? Even asylum seekers can apply for an FFC, according to their website." 

Twitter (source) 

To see the post, click the blue toned interface below: 007/status/1526057931308924929 

What is your take on this and what do you need to say about it? 

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