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Zimbabweans in South Africa Reacts After Mnangagwa Tells Them To Come Back Home | Opinion

Zimbabweans have been given a year to leave SA since their licenses are terminating. A significant number of those license holders got them in 2017. The SA Government declared that it won't be restoring the grants and that they are giving them beauty time of a year and anu Zimbabweans wh hasnt left at that point will be ousted.

Mnagagwa has urged his kin to return home in an article distributed. He accepts that all Zimbabwe in SA should return to Zimbabwe so they can make their country incredible again.

Obviously Zimbabweans reacted and said that they dont need to return. They asked him where will they work assuming they return since there are no positions in Zimbabwe. The few Zimbabweans that are left there dont even have occupations.

How will they support their families? At least when they are in SA they can send cash back home so their families dont suffer. If they return and become joblessness how might they make due?

If he needs Zimbabweans to return he should initially fix his Corrupt Government. Zimbabweans cannot return to experience back home and be killed for fighting for their privileges.

However, as long as he cannot fix that first. He can disregard having Zimbabweans returning home. Even however their grants ar terminating many will keep remaining there illicit because it is absolutely impossible that they are ready to confront Zimbabwe right now.

What is your take on this issue of Zimbabweans returning to their home country? Kindly leave a comment down below.


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