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Foreign National Suspected For Kidnappings Gunned Down in Broad Daylight, in Johannesburg

We have seen a lot of assassinations and killings in the country over the past years, and the trend just seems to be growing in numbers instead of it going down. With the large increase in killings and assassinations, it makes quite hard for law enforcement agencies to do their jobs and keep up with every thing that is happening in the country right now.

Due to this reason a lot of people think that they can do as they please and go around killing people in anyway they want without facing the consequences of their actions. A video is currently trending online of a man getting shot from the back by some unidentified person that just appeared in the middle of nowhere.

The shooting took place in broad daylight in the middle of the side walk with people walking around. The incident was caught on camera and probably the police are going to use it to try and find the shooter. Tweeps on social media say that the victim was a Pakistani national linked to kidnappings has been shot dead in Fordsburg JHB. He was released on bail recently.

When people saw that the victim was linked to kidnappings, some expressed how happy they are with what happened all because the guy was bad person. Here are some of the comments of what people had to say about the shooting. We are not sure if the victim really did what they say he but, but what we know that killing someone is wrong and it is not proper justice in the eyes of the law.



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