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Uzalo: Sibonelo and Nosipho's meeting was a game changer, here's the reason why: Opinion

Nosipho has been plotting against Nkunzi and Sibonelo far too long, she is ready to do anything to get his father's Business back.

Sibonelo has a good timing, his last meeting with Nosipho might save Nkunzi from going to jail. Nosipho was ready to give Mondli the recording of Nkunzi's confessions. She called Mondli and asked him to meet her at their regular meeting place, but after receiving the good news from Sibonelo, it's obvious that the mission will be abandoned.

Will Sibonelo honor his promises and talk to Nkunzi on Nosipho's behalf? This is very tricky. Nosipho might live to regret her decision, the Mhlongos can't be trusted. Maybe Sibonelo is doing this because he knows that they need Nosipho more than she needs them, she has been successfully managing panel beater and Shisanyama for a very long time.

Now Nisipho has to choose between his father's legacy or peace, because if she chooses to send Nkunzi to jail, she will never know peace again.

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