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OPINION| Mbeki allegedly pushing for Ramaphosa to leave the office as he wants to come back

I don't think Thabo Mbeki wants to come back. Instead, I think he wants to hurt Ramaphosa's reputation as president. He said that Ramaphosa hasn't done anything in his first 100 days in office and that the country is on autopilot. This is a brilliant person with a lot of knowledge who is also hurt. He's been quiet for a while since he was kicked out of office, but now he's back for revenge or some kind of payback.

At this time, the ANC's leaders shouldn't be distracted by outside factors like what the opposition parties say. Instead, they should focus on putting our Renewal and Unity project into action. We have a lot of internal problems, some of which we made ourselves and some of which we had to deal with because of our sins of incumbency, but we need to keep our attention on strengthening structures through our programs and putting together our most important policies so they can be approved at the conference.

Since Covid, Ramaphosa's government has been broken, and that's the truth, not a lie. I'm happy with how well-informed you are about Julius Malema's words, and we're happy with the progress that the former president is making both inside and outside the country on things that Julius doesn't understand. Some of the former president's timely interventions in TM and Cyril, as well as his and other former presidents' other positive and constructively critical, but sincere, influences, have made the ANC leadership very happy. Malema's EFF must run for national elections and win if he wants to change the way our country, South Africa, goes. Quoting master theories like balance of force, historical materialism, and dialectical materialism out of context to amuse the delirious doesn't help him either; he just wants to look smart.

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