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Big news: Bad news for Julius Malema

Julius Malema In Big Trouble Again. Peruse More 

Monetary Freedom Fighters pioneer, Julius Malema has flop hopelessly again after his issue with the Independent Electoral Commission after the ANC people in Kwa-Zulu Natal endeavored to hold him back from entering one of the popularity based stations was removed from the window. 

IEC asserted getting the protesting from the EFF following undertakings by ANC partners to hinder its boss Julius Malema from entering a majority rule station in KZN, KwaDambuza. 

It says the scene happened before the choices were proclaimed and constituent arrangement of acknowledged standards simply applies after order. 

EFF had asked the Independent Electoral Commission to take action against the ANC over the direct portrayed by it's people in Kwa-Zulu Natal with the objective that it will set up an energy all through the country. 

The dismissal of the complaint by the IEC without taking any action against the ANC over the direct of it's people is an enormous hit to Julius Malema. 

The red berets had as of now send an extraordinarily strong counsel against ANC saying party people are depending on thuggery and ruthlessness instead of political obstruction. 

Edge Nzimande similarly got flares in their commotion as they advised him that if per chance he was related with the stunts, he will moreover persevere through the incidental effects. 

"ANC is swearing by violence and is displaying the most vital sort of political bias. The EFF is moreover careful that Blade Nzimande is from a comparable district and he ought to understand that in the event that he was related with those jokes nearby his yellow communists, there will be completely serious repercussions," they said in a declaration. 

EFF also communicated that they "need to make obviously there are no untouchable districts for the EFF and no proportion of crushed and wrongdoing by senseless individuals will keep them from doing combating". 

The dismissal of the EFF's protest by the IEC was without a doubt depicted by savants as inappropriate and makes it seem like the Electoral Commission is inclining toward a particular philosophical gathering at an immediately to be honest. 



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